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Our house needed a lot of work.  We hadn’t sealed the stucco in a long time which lead to cracking and the stucco separating from the wall on two sides of the house.  We love our home but had been putting off the maintenance for way too long.  We called Rhino Shield because we wanted a permanent solution and we couldn’t be happier.  They worked hard every day, and while I think it took longer than they had expected, they never cut corners and made our house as good as new.  We are so relieved to have the house fixed up, and so excited to never have to paint again.  If you have a stucco home you need to call Rhino Shield!

Yanni W, PA

Over the years, I have worked with many contractors, but never has one been so attentive to detail. Any questions or concerns were addressed immediately; and I was especially impressed by the daily progress call from the owner. The quality in workmanship far met my expectations; and, neighbors continue to compliment the property.  This was not just a paint job – it is an investment in my stucco home that I am most proud of. I highly recommend Rhino Shield and their professional crew. You will not be disappointed!

ZR, Scottsdale, AZ

Our house was not in great shape after many years of putting off the painting.  When we called Rhino Shield we were hoping for a miracle, and they delivered.  After repairing all the rotten wood, patching the stucco, and rebuilding the garage door they applied their super paint and it looks amazing.  It now looks like the house we always wanted it to be.


I came to Rhino Shield to paint my 20 year old stucco home.  I had been sealing it every 6-7 years but the staining on the surface from the water wasn’t fixed by sealing.  I just wanted a new look, but didn’t want to keep painting it all the time.  Rhino Shield did an amazing job.  They showed up on time, did an excellent job every day, and cleaned up when they were done.  When I stand back and look at the house, it looks brand new- absolutely perfect.  I did a lot of research on Rhino Shield and am confident it will look this good for as long as I’m around to enjoy it.